New Website

Deploying our new website has been an amazing, but stressful journey. This blog was definitely on our must have list. It gives us the opportunity to educate our clients as well as show off our favorite brands and products we carry. I appreciate everyone being patient while we underwent multiple changes and revisions as well as site downtime. I’m looking forward to sharing our expertise and knowledge with all of you.

Thank you for all of your support,


What’s to Come

Our featured upcoming series is titled “Building a Home: How to Work with a Home Theater Integrator.” We’ll go over the steps we take with our clients for building a home from design phase to project completion. Items covered include pre-wiring, future proofing, and routine maintenance. We’ll go over product selection and how to keep calm and sane while scheduling and working with multiple people. From planning your dream media room to sound in every room, we’ll have you covered.

In our upcoming Brand Spotlight, we’ll talk about home automation with Control4 and how their solutions cover a variety of applications. From single room entry level options to robust whole home systems, Control4 has a wide array of products for almost any situation. We’ll go over integrating HVAC, lighting and security components and how they can be incorporated and controlled with Control4.

For the first product in the series Ryan’s Reviews, we’ll get his take on one of Amazon’s hottest products, the Amazon Echo. We’ll go over how to set it up and product features such as voice control with Alexa. With multiple music services and add-ons such as Control4 integration, we’ll put the Echo to the test. In addition to this review, we’ll briefly cover its sidekick, the Echo Dot,  a great complement to its bigger sibling.


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